3 Tips For Buying A Used Fridge

14 April 2017
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Having access to a functional fridge is critical when it comes to being able to keep foods fresh within your home. Purchasing a new refrigerator can be a significant investment, so you may want to consider adding a used fridge to your kitchen when your existing appliance no longer functions properly.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you evaluate used refrigerators to ensure that you end up with a reliable fridge that will meet your food storage needs in the future.

1. Look for newer models.

As technology continues to alter the face of home appliances, homeowners often want to upgrade to the latest and greatest models. This leaves a lot of used refrigerators for sale on the open market. In order to ensure that the fridge you purchase for your home will serve as an asset, you should look for a newer model.

These newer refrigerators allow you to take advantage of technological features without breaking the bank as you add a used refrigerator to your home in the future.

2. Ask to evaluate potential units when they are still plugged in. 

In order to determine which used refrigerator will be best suited to meet your food storage needs over time, you should ask the seller to evaluate the appliance while it is still plugged in.

Viewing the fridge while it is in a functional state allows you to measure the internal temperature to ensure the fridge stays cool enough to preserve your perishable items. You can also listen for abnormal sounds and check for potential coolant leaks that may not be evident when the refrigerator isn't running. Never purchase a used fridge without first seeing it in running condition.

3. Carefully evaluate the seal of the doors.

A refrigerator door that doesn't seal properly can result in excessive energy use. If you don't want your used fridge to run up your utility bill, take the time to check the doors for a proper seal.

If you see that the rubber seal around the exterior edge of the door is cracked or no longer supple, you should factor the cost of replacing the seal into the purchase price of the appliance when negotiating a purchase.

Having the ability to add a used refrigerator to your home gives you the opportunity to preserve your perishable food items without incurring a significant financial expense. Make sure you end up with a quality used fridge by looking for newer models, evaluating the appliances while they are running, and carefully checking the quality of the door seals on each potential used fridge you look at. To learn more about purchasing used appliances, contact a company like Preferred Appliance.