Will A Window AC Unit Work In My Home?

19 October 2017
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There are many great arguments for investing in window AC units instead of central AC. First and foremost, window units are often the only option for renters who cannot legally install a central AC in a home or apartment that they don't own. They are also the only choice in apartments. This is why just about every window in big cities like Chicago or New York will have window units. But, will a window AC unit work in your home? This article will help you find out.

Installing the Units

Window units are fairly easy to install, but they are heavy. You want to be very careful that you have full control over the unit as you are installing it. The last thing you want is for the unit to fall out of your window. That would be expensive and possibly very dangerous. That being said, the units can be easily secured to most window frames with just a couple of screws. Most of the weight rests on the sills, so they are easy to secure if they fit in your window.

The great thing about window AC units is that you can pick one up at the store and have it installed by an appliance service professional and running within a couple of hours. It is also worth noting that window units do usually have HEPA filters, which should help with dust build up and allergens in your home.

Estimating the Power of the Units

The downside to window AC units is that they have limited power and range. Since they rely solely on electricity, you will notice a spike in your AC bills, even if you are only running it for a couple of hours. Also, they don't cool rooms evenly. Obviously, the closer you are to the unit, the colder you will be. Not only that, AC units can really only work in one room. Even with fans redirecting the cooled air around corners and through doorways, you can't expect a window unit to cool more than one room. In fact, if you cannot see the unit from where you are sitting, you probably won't be able to feel the cooled air.

So, before you buy a window AC unit, you should ask a couple of questions. Will the unit be sufficient enough? Always get more BTUs than suggested. Is my room small enough for the unit to effectively work? If you have a small room with limited obstructions, a simple AC unit might be the perfect solution.