Dealing With Dishwasher Issues And Preventing Problems

17 December 2018
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Once you start using a dishwasher regularly, it's hard to go back to the days of washing all those dishes by hand. Therefore, once you start to have issues with your dishwasher, you'll want to figure out what's going on quickly and fix the problem. This article will go over some of the common problems that can happen with dishwashers and their associated plumbing, so you know whether to attempt to take care of things on your own or to pick up the phone and dial a repair person or plumber.

There should be no leaks

When your dishwasher is running how it is intended to run, there shouldn't be any leaks coming from it. If there are leaks, then this is indicative of a problem that needs tending to.

If you have an older dishwasher and you are starting to see leaks, then this may mean that certain parts are failing simply due to the age of the unit. If possible, your best bet in this situation may be to have the dishwasher replaced. Once it is to the age of having its parts beginning to fail, you have no reason not to suspect that more problems will follow once you have the current problems taken care of.

There may be leaks happening around the door that are caused by a worn gasket. If you can't buy a new unit now, this part won't be hard to replace to get you by for now. The leak may be happening from the hose or from a pipe carrying water into the unit. If you aren't very handy, an appliance repair person or plumber can take care of this for you. There may be a leak that is coming from under the unit. There are several places under the unit where the leak can be from these are the pump seal, the drain or the water inlet. Both a plumber or appliance repair technician can also deal with these things for you.

Your dishwasher may stop washing

The last thing you expect when you load your dishwasher and start it up is to have it fail to wash your dishes. However, this can happen when a few differing things go wrong. You may have an issue with the water supply which is preventing the unit from getting the water it needs to perform its job, the sensor on the door may be broken and in this case the unit won't turn on because it still thinks the door is ajar, or there may be a broken float switch that's preventing the unit from working properly. It's best to have a professional fix these issues for you.

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