How To Repair A Microwave After Your Kids Have Damaged It

7 March 2019
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Kids tend to do a lot of not-so-smart things. A lot of times, the damage they cause, whether intentionally or accidentally, leaves you having to repair or replace something. When it comes to appliances, the damages caused by kids are not covered under any homeowner's insurance, nor is the damage covered under the appliance's warranty. Such is the case with microwaves. The following examples are some of the less-than-smart things kids have tried to do to microwaves which resulted in necessary repair bills. 

Metal in Microwaves

Yikes. Even with all of the advancements in technology, microwaves still cannot have metal objects placed in them. No matter what you tell a kid, though, the kid always wants to see for him/herself what happens when you place food cans, silverware, or aluminum foil in the microwave. Between the fires and the minor explosions, it is not pretty. It takes a repair technician at least an hour to fix all of the damage that is caused by metal in a microwave. 

Pretending to Be "The Fonz"

A famous TV character had the ability to snap his fingers and hit anything electronic and it would turn on in an instant. If your kids get the idea that they can do the same with the microwave, or they hit the microwave with a fist or baseball bat, they will undoubtedly crack and break the numbered keypad and/or the LCD display screen. The entire control panel will have to be removed and replaced it if is cracked and unresponsive to touch. 

Dropping the Microwave While Moving It and Denting the Casing

Sometimes you have to move a microwave to clean under it. Rather than just move it to the side, most kids will try to pick the microwave up (not realizing that these appliances are a lot heavier than they look!) and move it to the table or another counter. Then they accidentally drop the microwave on the floor and damage the casing that surrounds the guts of the machine.

These dents are usually just cosmetic, but sometimes they can seriously affect how the microwave functions. Replacing the casing is relatively quick and simple. It is also one of the least expensive repairs to a microwave, so long as the inner workings and guts of the appliance are still fully functional. To be sure that replacing the case is not necessary to the function of the machine, however, you should have a repair technician check it out anyway. 

For more information, contact a local microwave repair company.