Repairing Your Faulty Washer And Dryer

28 November 2022
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Your washer and dryer can be two of the more important appliances that you own as you may have to use them multiple times during the week to keep your family's clothing clean. Due to their importance and the frequency you will need to use the washer and dryer, malfunctions with these systems can be extremely disruptive.

The Washer Failing To Effectively Drain

A common problem that a washer and dryer could suffer may involve the risk of damage occurring to the pump or other components that will allow the washer to fully drain when it has finished its cycle. This could lead to significant issues with the washer, and you will want to act quickly to have it addressed. This can restore your ability to use the washer while also minimizing the risk of mold growing in the water that is trapped in the washer. In some cases, this issue may be simple to repair, such as a clog in the drain line. However, there are other times when the repairs can be more involved. An example of this could be the need to replace the pump motor that extracts the water from the washer.

A Dryer That Is Not Producing Heat

Your dryer will need to produce a large amount of heat if it is to quickly and thoroughly dry the clothes that you put in it. Faulty heating elements can be one of the more common issues that will be able to negatively impact your dryer's performance. Luckily, it is not necessary to fully replace the dryer when it starts to suffer this type of damage. Rather, it is possible for a washer and dryer repair service to find the faulty heating elements so that they can be replaced. This will be a quick repair that should restore your dryer's ability to generate enough heat to effectively dry your clothing.

A Washer Or Dryer That Is Rocking

Another issue that can often arise with washers and dryers will be the tendency of these appliances to start rocking. Eventually, this rocking motion may be able to cause these appliances to pull far enough away from their connections to detach. Often, this problem can be the result of a calibration problem with the motors in these units. As a result, their center of gravity can be off by enough to cause the unit to start rocking when it is in operation. In addition to avoiding potentially significant mechanical issues, repairing a rocking washer or dryer will also help to make your home more peaceful.

To have your washer and dryer inspected, contact a washer and dryer repair service in your area.